V Series V66



The V Series V66 is an evacuated tube solar heating system designed to operate efficiently in all weather conditions, making it a reliable option for solar water heating. This high-pressure solar water heating system can handle up to 6 bar pressure, connects to city water, and features a mechanically sealed tank and heal pipe for continued operation even if tubes break. The inner tank has undergone rigorous testing without any breakage, and the system is well-insulated with high-density polyurethane foam.

SpecificationsV Series
8 years warranty + 2 years guaranteeYes
Tank capacity300L
Tank size2250mm x 460mm
Tank weight45KG
Inner tank material316 S/S
Outer tank material304 S/S
InsulationPolyurethane Foam
Working pressure6 Bar
Booster3kw/Dual Safety
SystemSealing system
Magnesium BarYes
Daily hot water temperature45-90c (sunny day)
Vacuum tube quantity30pcs
Vacuum tube size1800mm x 58mm
Glass MaterialHigh Borosilicate 3.3 glass
Efficiency91% - 94%


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