AquaSolar™ solar water heating systems uses the latest developments in solar technology to produce high quality, efficient water heaters for residential and commercial use. Thorough the years of experience, we understanding more of home owners’ needs and that result in the product’s functionality and efficiency. The products are designed and engineered to fully optimize the sun’s power in warming up water without shooting up the costs – it’s the perfect balance of technology and nature!

  • Designed to Meet Local Requirement
    A range of 66 & 80 gallon models to suit your needs
  • Proven Safe
    About 70°C and safety feature of relief valve controls the heat pressures.
  • Retain Heats
    50mm High density polyurethane foam to maximum heat retention.
  • Back Up Heater
    To ensure hot water during raining season or over usage.
  • Top Quality Material
    High quality corrosion-free material such as stainless steel, copper and aluminum to ensure long life and performance.
  • Number of Riser Tubes
    More tubes in the panel to ensure fast heating and optimum flow rate leading to higher efficiency and effectiveness.
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