Titanium Rigid Solar Panel (ASTR series) heating systems are designed for any condition the Malaysia nature. ASTR series are made from Titanium which has great thermal properties which allow it to heat your water very quickly and it also can handle higher water temperatures.

  1. The heater collector and the water tank can be assembled together according to the different type of house to meet the needs of various people.
  2. The anti-freezer used in the collector cycle not only can prevent frostbite, but also can expand the using time. It has the most effective anti-freezing measure among the same products in domestic and abroad.
  3. The whole plate is made by imported blue titanium, which is better for collecting heaters, can be used even in cloudy day.
  4. There is an electric heating device in the water tank, the power of which can be made by the user’s requirement.
  5. The frame of collecting board is made by aluminium alloy, and in the outside we use the Tempered glass to strengthen it, making it more durable.
  • Cost Saving
  • Green Saving
  • Active Fast
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